According to the Holy Scripture, our lord Jesus Christ has a new name that is to be revealed in the endtime. It is his conquering name and complete victory is to be won over hell, death and the grave by that new name {Rev:19:11-21}



“ And I will write upon him the name of my God and the name of the city of my God…. And I will write upon him my new name”{Rev:3:12} There arose a handful of people around the world, who profess to have a Revelation of that new name of Christ, which was kept secret from the foundation of the world.





Revealed Bible truths challenges such claims, as presumptuous and unscriptural. A claim that’s not supported by manifestations of what is supposed to be demonstrated by that new name. It is a victorious and conquering name. Which our lord received after his death, burial and resurrection and which no man knew but he himself. However he promised to write his new name upon the over comer. {Rev:3:12}.



We as believers of revealed Bible truth for the endtime {Rev:10:7} believes and can sufficiently prove, by the scriptures and revealed truths by Malachi:4 that the new name of Jesus Christ is not yet revealed to the church of Jesus Christ. We ask here to all presumptuous people church members, Prophets, Apostles and preachers these Questions.



1. When was it revealed?



2. Who revealed it?



3. What is that name?



4. What have they produced by it?



5. What is the evidence that the new name



According to scriptures Amos3:7 “ God reveals his secret unto his servants the Prophets.” There is a chosen man, a Prophet, for any secret of God to be revealed to the church, at a specific time and it must be vindicated by God.



The major prophet promised to the Gentile, Elijah Mal.4 did not revealed that new name to the church it’s nowhere in his teachings. If the preachers claims, that it is revealed and cannot show it in the message of the last church age messenger. Then they got it from some source of authority upon the Scriptures. If not they are an authority to themselves. Only a Prophet receives the secret of the lord. Therefore they are all Prophets or following a Prophet. None could go to scriptures and just claim that God revealed it to them, as certainly as none could not understand the mysteries of God until Rev:10;7} got here, they do not understand this.



The apostle Peter said.



“ But these as natural brute beasts made to be taken and destroyed, speak evil of the things they understand not and shall utterly perish in their corruption. {2 Pet. 2:10}



The apostle contended with those presumptuous spirits and they are here today presuming many things of God. 7 thunders, 7 trumpets and the new name of the lord Jesus, some Prophets and preachers arose with this revelation in the late seventies, others surfaced years after that time. The Prophet Elijah did not reveal it, where did they get it? Some said a spiritual brother got it, then he is assuming the office of a Prophet and you are his disciple that preaches such a revelation it’s presumptuous! It’s self-willed! We are proving here that it is not of God.



A certain vine spoke to one of our ministers and tried to convince him that God revealed the new name to him while in Barbados, after much deliberation he hesitantly uttered the new name after an hour, he said. “ The new name is Jesus by Revelation”.



New Name sahadeo.



There were a series of message preached by a preacher at Bethlehem tabernacle, Trinidad a few years ago. He was allowed to use the building by the Pastor. The last subject was the 7 thunders and the new name. Several minister anxious to hear his revelation of it, was disappointed, as the service was about finished without any open revelation of the new name. Suddenly the preacher indicated it in a parable and said, “ my grandfather name was “Sahadeo” “ Deo” means deity in the Hindu, Indian Language “.



That was more presumption than any can bare, to have it Indicated to a large congregation of Ministers and believers, that the New name is “Sahadeo” Later, this mad man had a meaning put to every black out on the island, of Trinidad. Is he a Prophet? How did he get those revelations? God did not vindicate it. Now this same deluded perverter of the word propagates in central Trinidad a greater presumption saying, that Joseph Branham is now in his Prophetic office. This does not have the endorsement of that humble brother. However minister here in Trinidad are yet awaiting replies from him for further information in denouncing the cult and cultist.



We now examine the claims of these presumptuous men. Prophets and preachers. They presume that the new name of the lord Is “ Jesus” by revelation. This is contrary to scriptures and totally unfounded in the message of the hour. Jesus said. Ye do ear not knowing the scriptures, nor the power of God”.This theory of the new name “Jesus by revelation” is based upon Acts3;1-16 Verse 16 is single out, “And his name, through faith in his name hath made this man strong”. {Acts:3 ;16} We do not need a Prophet to understand, that by faith {Revelation} in the name of Jesus Christ the impotent man was miraculously healed. This is Scriptrally recorded history like other miracles, sign, or wonders that was done by faith in Jesus name.





This scripture does not give the slightest indication, that a revelation of Jesus name is the new name. Although any baby in the lord with the Holy spirit can understand, that revelation of the name of Jesus, performed the great miracle and not “New name” as promised to us in scriptures.



The redemptive name “ Jesus” was revealed to the early church and the apostle. They knew that name.



Scriptures declares that Jesus had a name, that no man knew but he himself, millions of Christian knew the name of Jesus by revelation and had God promises fulfilled in their lives by it.



“ And he had a name written that no man knew but he himself” {Rev:19-12}



Thus we are proving by the infallible word of God that “ Jesus’ is not the new name or scripture could not say no man knew but he himself. The word of God has exposed every presumptuous spirit, the Prophets have spoken presumptuously, thou shalt not fear them { Deut.18}



But we are obliged to hear God's true Prophet.



Bro. Branham, {seal book pg.158} “And Jesus his name on earth was redeemer-Jesus when he was on earth he was redeemer, that ‘s true. But when he conquered death and hell and over come them and ascended on high, he received a new name, that’s the reason they holler the way they do and don’t get nothing, it will be and don’t get nothing. It will be revealed in the thunders”.



Bro Branham interpreted {Rev:19:12} and said Jesus was the redemptive name of the lord. The new name he receives as a conquers that no man knew.



What caused these masters of the message to purposely over look and flat out trample upon the teachings of a major Prophet? Who so wonderfully and simply explained the difference of the new name “Jesus” from the name of the lord.





The answer is simple. Religiously ambitions preachers have climbed up a tree from which they cannot now climb down. It is a 7 thunders tree, with many branches of isms and false interpretations. They have done exactly what the Prophet told them not to do, on the 7 seals book. “And now, if this tape would happen to fall into the hands of some person somewhere don’t try to make any kind of isms out of it. The only thing you do, just continue serving God, because this great secret is so great that God wouldn’t let John write it. It thundered out, but he, knowing that, proving to us that it would be opened, but to this time it isn’t opened.” {7Seals 577}



These 7 thunders Prophets profess to know the revelation of the 7 thunders, which was hid under the 7th seal, after a major Prophet emphasized over and over, that the 7th seal was not revealed, thus the 7th thunders are not revealed {Seal Book Pg. 567-578}



Since they presumptuously profess to know the 7 thunders revelation they are forced to declare the new name, because the new name is held in the 7 thunders according to the teachings of Bro. Branham.



One error led to the next until there is a conglomeration of isms on the thunders, which resulted in the new name being “ Jesus” it’s unscriptural, Hell oriented and Satanic. Ministers and believers who believes and respects the office and teachings of the last and 7th church age messenger, should turn loose of it. Bro. Branham did not reveal it, who then revealed it? When was it revealed? What proof do they offer to the Bride? Somebody is playing a Prophet, or spiritual and has no scriptural support, Act 3:16 is not supportive.



The disciples and preachers of this new name have produced nothing. The Prophet rightly said they holler and get nothing it {New Name} will be revealed in the Thunders.



Therefore, if these thunder Prophets preaches, that the new name is revealed by their thunders they are under obligation to produce what the church failed to produce by hollering, jumping, kicking, dancing and speaking in tongues. They have not produced nothing, thus they are exposed by their own claims as false Prophets who have spoken presumptuously in the name of the lord.



What is the church supposed to produce by the new name of the Lord? Power over sin, sickness, demon power, Hell, death and the grave. Jesus came in his father name, he took on that name as the son “Jesus” as the redemptive name of God to die on Calvary to save mankind. The Name, Jesus was a new name, Jvhu was the old name. By the power of that new name, God demonstrated his power while the Pharisees hollered in the name of Jvhu and got nothing.



By the new name at that time, “ Jesus” the sick was healed, lepers were cleansed, Demons cast out, dead raised, bread multiplied, storm were calmed and Jesus conquered Hell, death and the grave, arose from the dead and was raptured off the face of the earth. He left behind four gospels, books of recorded supernatural works. The apostolic church by the new name done the mighty acts of the Holy Spirit.



Bro. Branham, the last church age messenger, with the same article of Pentecost and the name of Jesus Christ. Shook the world 7 times with signs and wonders and miracles. What the church is supposed to produce, by the name of Jesus were demonstrated for decades by that mighty man of God. Yet in all his works, never became self exalted and blaspheming is revealed to the? claimed that Jesus is the new name of the lord.



Since these 7 thunders idiots knows more than God’s Prophets, treating him as he was confused on the doctrine of the new name. What have they produced by the new name? They have not produced the works of Jesus Christ, Let alone the greater. But by their self-exalted and presumptuous spirits, have destroyed the holiness message of Bro. Branham.



They have produced a big bunch of adulterous preachers, Pregnating believers with adulterous seeds of discrepancy. Some both naturally and spiritually. They brought back into the church worldly music, Jazz, Reggae, rock beats country western etc, which Bro. Branham never tolerated in the church. High heel shoes tight clothing, transparent worldly styles are common places among their women.



The new name is promised to overcomers, not to people that are overcomed by the spirit of the Nicolatians and their doctrines.



“ And unto him that overcometh…. and I will write upon him the name of my God, and the name of the city of my God, and I will write upon him my new name” { Rev:3:12}



There are three separate names distinctive from each other, that is to be written upon the overcomers {1} the name of God, which is Jesus. {2} Name of the city of God. {3} The name of the Lord.



This Scripture infallibly proves that Jesus is not the new name of the Lord. But the redemptive name of god and his son, but the new name is different from Jesus name.



Bro. Branham: Rev3:12 Church age 318 “It will have to be a revelation of the spirit given so conclusively, but no doubt he will leave that revelation to the day when he desires to give that name forth.



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